About Me

Photo credit to J.T 2
Photo credit to J.T 2

Hello there! :)

Travelling is my passion. I love travelling and it was my dream ever since I was in primary school even though I didn’t travel much that time. I never thought of travelling around the world, I just wished to travel around Indonesia.

Since I have a wonderful husband and lovely kids, travelling seems impossible because it would cost a lot of money. Until I discovered about budget airlines, “Now everyone can fly.” Lots of competitive airlines make price war, most airlines decrease their fare, making it more possible for people to travel around the world.

These days technology are just getting smarter. People can check almost everything about anything online. We can compare and book plane tickets, reserve¬†a¬†hotel room or check flight status online. You can be your own tour guide, all you need to do is your ‘homework’ diligently. What I mean by “Homework” is, research about the country/city you are going to. For 1 day itinerary it can take a few days or even weeks to complete. You have to find out what tourist attraction there is in that area, how to get there, how long you’re going to stay there, how many tourist attraction you can visit in that area too, etc.

I made this website to put my idea on how to save money when travelling (finding cheaper tickets, discount hotels) and my itineraries. Hope you can find it helpful. It will take time to post because English is my second language and I ask help from my kids to correct my English.

Thank you :)