1. Herna

    Mantap Mila, thank you udah bagi info yg bagus ini. Great and valuable information. Love it so much ?

    • Christine

      Congratulations Mila,many effort&good information for everyone love traveling..we planning holiday next year in April,any tips or advise for attraction,transport for Japan and Bangkok…Thank you

      • Mila

        Thank you Christine.. Will post the itineraries after. Just wait 😉
        Happy Traveling!

    • Mila

      Thank you Herna. Cant’t wait go travelling. Pack up! 😉

  2. sisca

    Manteb Mil…..sharing2nya….
    Kemana rute berikutnya….

    • Mila

      Thank you Sis, next destination is Vietnam Sis, ditunggu postingan nya yaa 😉

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